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Camberwell Green

Dora Dixon-Fyle

Dora Dixon-Fyle, MBE, is a familiar face and name in Camberwell as she has represented local people through many changes to the area over the decades & would value your support to continue. 

Dora is a committed co-operator, leading the group that saw Southwark first awarded Fairtrade status.  A trade unionist with the GMB & Unite she worked for Harriet Harman MP. 

As cabinet member Dora introduced Labours flagship policy of Free Healthy School Meals for all primary school children and delivered Labour's pledge to keep all our libraries open.

Tom Flynn

Tom Flynn lives on Coldharbour Lane in Camberwell and has been a local councillor since 2014.

For the past four years, he has chaired Southwark’s Housing & Community Safety Scrutiny Committee, helping to deliver improvements to the council’s repairs service and working with Southwark Police to ensure a safer Southwark. He is currently working on improving resident involvement – modernising the council’s approach to ensure more residents can have their say. Tom will continue to fight for more genuinely affordable housing for local residents and their famililes.

Kieron Williams

Kieron lives in Camberwell and is a well-known and passionate advocate for the local community.   

As a Camberwell Green councillor, former Chair of Camberwell Community Council and Governor at King’s Hospital for the last four years he has worked hard to make sure the council, police, NHS, Transport for London and others listen to the views of local people.  He has also helped many local community groups to get the funding and support they need. Kieron is currently the Cabinet Member for Jobs, Skills, and Innovation.

When not on council business he can be found looking after his two young children.
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