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Jack Buck

Jack is a young community organiser committed to improving Walworth for the many, not the few. He has lived in the private rented sector for 10 years and knows how hard it is to call our part of London home. 

His priorities are to represent young people and fight for better wages and trade union recognition for the under 30s. 

Most of all he is determined that Southwark Labour keep the pledge that during, and after, the next phases of the Aylesbury regeneration every resident tenant and leaseholder has the right to remain on the footprint of the estate. 

Paul Fleming

Paul was first elected as a councillor in 2014, and has worked hard for 4 years to represent the whole community in Faraday.

Paul is a local school governor, committee member of the Church Commission TRA, and serves on the board of Creation. He works as a trades union official, helping ordinary people stand up and have their say at work.

Now Paul wants to focus on improving the ways in which the Council listens to local people-  making sure we hear the voices of vulnerable residents as we fight the impact of Tory cuts. 

Lorraine Lauder MBE

Lorraine has lived in the ward her whole life, and has been a Faraday councillor since 2002. She's served as a TRA Chair, and established a new TRA on the Elizabeth where she lives. She serves on the boards of Creation and InSpire, and was awarded an MBE for her services to charity.

Lorraine is passionate about casework and being a voice for people in Walworth. Lorraine sees the problems faced by residents in temporary accommodation her top priority. Lorraine will continue to fight to help solve their problems, and get them into permanent homes they can afford. 
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