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St Giles

Radha Burgess

First elected in 2014, Radha served as the UK's first Deputy Cabinet Member for Women's Safety, working closely with licensed premises - many of them in Camberwell - to launch the country's first Women's Safety Charter.   In another deputy cabinet role, Radha developed and delivered Southwark's digital strategy. 

Radha is passionate about policy development, particularly from a women's equality perspective. 

She is well-known in Camberwell and her children attend a local school. 

Jason Ochere

Jason grew up in Camberwell and has been active in the community ever since. 

He is passionate about ensuring Camberwell is a great place to live for everyone in the community. In particular he is very concerned about making sure local young people have every opportunity to do well in their lives as well as improving transport links and pedestrian and cycle safety in the ward.  

If elected he will work hard to be a strong voice for people in St Giles ward and to protect and improve local services. 

Ian Wingfield

Ian Wingfield has been a local Councillor in Camberwell for over 20 years. He tirelessly represents his constituents’ concerns to the Council and other bodies over housing, environment, education, planning, welfare and other issues. 

Ian is passionate about conserving the character and appearance of Camberwell as well as ensuring vital transport links. He is keen to improve air quality locally, keeping our streets safe and clean, and for more investment in our public infrastructure, parks and facilities. 

Ian is proud to represent the interests of Camberwell residents.
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