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Increase police numbers in Southwark

Police Since 2010 the number of police officers in Southwark has declined by 20%, with a 70% decline in the number of PSCOs. Southwark Labour is campaigning for the number of police officers to be returned to 2010 levels, when the borough had 957 police officers and 112 PCSOs.

Tory Mayor Boris Johnson has cut nearly 200 police officers in the borough over the past four years, meaning an average of 9 police officers have been lost per ward across the borough. Despite making an election promise only two years ago not to reduce the number of police officers in Southwark, the Tory Mayor has cut the number of frontline officers and dedicated ward officers in the borough. 

Southwark has made great strides in crime and disorder and only last year recorded a 25 per cent reduction in violent crime and 28 per cent reduction in gun crime since 2010. It’s really important to maintain this progress with a strengthened local police force that continues its successful relationship with the council.

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