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Southwark Labour calls on Mayor of London to reverse police cuts

16 September 2014
Police on the beat Southwark Labour is calling on the Mayor of London to restore policing levels in the borough, which have reduced significantly since 2010.

Since 2010 the number of police officers in Southwark has declined by 20%, with a 70% decline in the number of PSCOs. Southwark Labour is campaigning for the number of police officers to be returned to 2010 levels, when the borough had 957 police officers and 112 PCSOs.

Tory Mayor Boris Johnson has cut nearly 200 police officers in the borough over the past four years, meaning an average of 9 police officers have been lost per ward across the borough. Despite making an election promise only two years ago not to reduce the number of police officers in Southwark, the Tory Mayor has cut the number of frontline officers and dedicated ward officers in the borough. 

This reduction is in addition to other cuts to the police service in Southwark, such as the closure of police stations in Rotherhithe and East Dulwich, and a reduction in front counter service in Peckham and Southwark police stations, which Labour councillors have warned are having adverse impact on the community.

Southwark Labour’s community safety lead Cllr Michael Situ has written to the Mayor of London outlining the compelling case for increased policing visibility in the borough, and calling for the number of local police officers to be returned to 2010 levels.

Cllr Situ has pointed to the real progress that has been made in Southwark to reduce crime and improve relations between local police officers and local communities through local Safer Neighbourhood Teams, warning that a reduction in the number of police officers risks reversing the progress achieved in the borough.

In his letter to the Mayor of London Cllr Situ said:

“A depleted police force reverses the years of progress achieved in Southwark. Our residents deserve to feel safe in their local community.”

“I cannot watch as Southwark gets dragged back to square one when so much work has been done to make Southwark a safer place to be."

“By your own admission the proposed police counter points have not worked, the cuts have not worked; we need to go back to what worked and that was a clear and visible police force on our streets. I, and most importantly, Southwark’s residents would urge you to take this opportunity to restore Southwark’s policing levels to the levels we had in 2010.”

The Labour council has also launched a petition for improved local policing and is calling on local people to support the campaign by signing the petition online.


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