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Leader's Public Question Time a resounding success

23 October 2014
Leader The first Leader’s Public Question Time was a resounding success, with over 200 people taking the opportunity to come along to the event and put their questions to the Leader of Southwark Council, Peter John.

Southwark’s first Leader’s Public Question Time, which was held in City Hall, was full to capacity with all free tickets being snapped up by residents ahead of the event. The event was the first of its kind in Southwark and provided an opportunity for residents to hold the Leader of the council to account by putting their questions to him directly.

Residents were invited to submit questions to Cllr John online, via Twitter and the council’s website. Residents also asked questions to Cllr John directly at the event, which resulted in a lively and exciting debate on a number of issues.

The event was facilitated by Jumoké Fashola, award-winning radio and television broadcaster, famed Jazz singer and Southwark resident. Jumoké chaired the debate, facilitating a lively discussion and ensuring as many residents as possible were able to put their questions to the Leader.

Following the effective collapse of the opposition in Southwark in May’s elections, the Labour council has been looking at ways to ensure that the public is able to hold the council to account. A proposal for a Leader’s Public Question Time was therefore agreed cross-party at the Council’s annual meeting in June. Labour Leader Peter John was hopeful that the event would "help close the distance between residents and those responsible for delivering the services we provide for them.”

Leader of the Council Peter John said:

‘I’m delighted that the first Leader’s Public Question Time was such a great success, with over 200 people coming along to ask questions and take part in what was a lively and interesting debate. I would also like to thank Jumoké for being a wonderful chair and ensuring that the event was a success.”

“I wanted to use this event as an opportunity to speak directly to the residents in our borough, to answer their questions and to give them the opportunity to hold the council’s leadership to account, and the people of Southwark have responded brilliantly to this invitation. We will continue looking at new ways to engage with our residents and allowing them to hold us as decision makers to account.”


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