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Labour councillors call for improved bus service to Rotherhithe

03 February 2015
C10 bus campaign Neil Coyle, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, and Labour councillors in Rotherhithe Stephanie Cryan, Kath Whittam and Bill Williams are petitioning TfL to increase the service it provides to the Rotherhithe area.

The C10 bus from Victoria to Canada Water serves much of the Rotherhithe area, but currently around 6% of trips made by the C10 bus do not reach Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks as a result of congestion along Jamaica Road and the Rotherhithe Tunnel area, leading to buses turning around and failing to reach the end of the route. Labour councillors have started a petition calling on TfL to increase the service it provides to the area.

Councillor Neil Coyle said: “The C10 is the only bus that serves much of the Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks area, but several times every day the bus just gives up before it gets to Rotherhithe, and that just isn’t good enough. Residents in this area deserve better, which is why we’re calling on TfL to improve the service it provides. 

“I would encourage residents in the area to add their voice to our campaign for better transport for Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks.”

You can support the campaign by adding your name to the petition online


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