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Government plans could force sale of 500 Southwark council homes a year

03 June 2015

Southwark Labour has hit out at Government plans that could see 500 council homes a year forcibly sold in the borough

Local authorities are likely to be forced to sell thousands of council homes to help fund the extension of Right to Buy under plans announced by the Tory Government. In Southwark, up to 500 much needed council homes a year could be forcibly sold under the disastrous policy.

The Tory Government plans to extend the Right to Buy discount to housing associations, allowing tenants to buy their homes at below market rates. The Government plans to fund this extension by forcing councils to sell higher-value properties as they become empty.

Southwark’s Labour council is embarking on a huge council house building programme which could be put at risk by these proposals. The high standard of the new council homes and the locations they are being built means that many new homes in Southwark, particularly in the north of the borough, would be immediately sold under the proposed plans.

Leader of the Council Peter John said:

“At a time when we’re facing a housing crisis across the capital, these preposterous plans could destroy council housing in London. We will work with other London authorities to oppose these plans and determine what steps we can take to ensure we’re not forced to sell up to 30% of council homes in Southwark. We will also be seeking an exemption for new build homes so that we are not forced to sell the much needed council homes that are currently being built across the borough.” 


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