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Samantha Jury-Dada standing as Labour candidate in Faraday

22 December 2015
Samantha Jury-Dada Local resident Samantha Jury-Dada is standing as Labour's candidate for the Faraday ward by-election.

Residents in Faraday will elect a new councillor on 21 January. Samantha Jury-Dada, a local resident and campaigner, has been selected to stand as Labour’s candidate in the by-election.

Samantha grew up on a London council estate and lives on the Walworth Road close to East Street. She graduated from university last year and now wants to make a difference for her community. 

Samantha said: “I am standing to be a councillor in Faraday ward because I want to build a better community, where the whole of Walworth benefits from a successful regeneration of the Aylesbury. 

“I feel very strongly that young people in Walworth who want to work hard and get ahead should get the support they deserve. I worked hard with my family’s support to get to university and get myself a job, but not everyone I grew up with had the same chances. I want everyone to have the opportunity of great education and decent employment and I will work hard to support the aspirations of young people in Walworth.”


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