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Charity trustee Will Holmes standing for Surrey Docks

23 May 2016
Will Holmes Labour’s candidate to be the next councillor for Surrey Docks is Will Holmes, trustee of local charity Time & Talents. 

Will has lived in the area for several years and commutes to central London where he works for a trade union. Will is a strong campaigner for workers’s rights and for the LGBT community. 

Will said, “I loved living right by the river in Rotherhithe but I know from personal experience the problems many people face with trying to find an affordable place to live round here. I’m standing to be the councillor in Surrey Docks because I want to ensure that regeneration delivers real opportunities for local residents, as well as new facilities, green spaces and transport improvements.

“I will work hard alongide Neil Coyle MP and Mayor Sadiq Khan for a safer Surrey Docks and make sure any plans for our area genuinely improve the lives of local residents."

Bermondsey & Old Southwark’s Labour MP, Neil Coyle MP, has backed Will Holmes to be the next councillor for the area. 

Neil Coyle MP said, “Will will be an excellent councillor for Surrey Docks, who will use his experience and enthusiasm to help our community. The Lib Dems have had thirty years in Surrey Docks to make a positive difference and offer real solutions, not just moan from the sidelines.

“It’s only since we’ve had a Labour Council, Labour councillors in the neighbouring Rotherhithe ward and a Labour MP that we have seen a more frequent C10 bus service, real action to deliver better broadband and a strong voice at the Town Hall for SE16. Imagine what we could achieve with a Labour councillor in Surrey Docks.”


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