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Aylesbury Regeneration Update

03 October 2016
The regeneration of the Aylesbury Estate is a key priority for Southwark Labour, we want to replace poorly constructed homes which are prone to leaks, damp, and mould with new modern homes. Because of the flawed design of the estate and in particular the heating system the only option is to demolish and re-build the estate. 

In 2014 we signed a deal with Notting Hill Housing Association which will deliver 50% affordable homes, with 75% of those at social rents and the remainder shared ownership and shared equity. The scheme will secure 1,400 jobs and will deliver a new library, new GP health centre, early years centre, extra care homes, as well as new parks and open spaces. We have consulted heavily with local residents on the estate and they support our plans. You can see more detail about the plans here: 

In September we finally had the decision of the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for the First Development Site (FDS) of the Aylesbury Estate. The CPO was refused, which we believe is a flawed decision that we will challenge in the courts. There is more information here.

We take the rights of leaseholders very seriously; we have responded to many of their concerns and the support we now offer is significant. There are 566 flats on this part of the estate and we are continuing to work with the 8 remaining leaseholders in the first development site, four of whom are private landlords, to reach voluntary agreement. But it is in nobody’s interests that this major regeneration, which will deliver high quality affordable housing for thousands of people, is significantly delayed. 

Whilst this legal challenge is underway we will continue with the regeneration of the estate. The message from residents across the estate is clear, they want us to continue with the regeneration and deliver the new homes, open spaces, and community facilities that the area so desperately need. 

Cllr Mark Williams


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