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Labour councillors and MPs fight proposed cuts to Southwark schools

16 February 2017
Southwark Labour councillors and MPs are campaigning against the proposed National Funding Formula for all schools, which will disproportionately hit London and see Southwark schools lose funding of over £28m by 2019. Under the proposals, Southwark schools will be among the hardest hit in the country by funding cuts, losing an average of £1,024 per pupil.

Leader of Southwark Council Cllr Peter John, along with the borough’s three MPs, Harriet Harman, Neil Coyle and Helen Hayes, have written to the Secretary of State for Education to raise their serious concerns about the proposed funding formula, and calling for an urgent meeting to discuss the impact on Southwark schools.

In their letter to Secretary of State for Education the Leader and MPs outlined the great work that has been done in Southwark schools in recent years and the risks of cutting much-needed funding:

“London has had extraordinary success in raising school standards in recent years, out-performing the rest of the country. In Southwark our schools have made fantastic progress and 93% are now rated good or outstanding. Cutting funding for these schools would be a huge step backwards.

Every child in the country deserves a great education. Fair funding shouldn’t involve a reduction in funding for children in London, but instead a levelling up of schools funding across the country. Nationally, this would cost the government £335m, equivalent to just 1% of the Dedicated Schools Grant. By providing extra investment the government would be giving all schools the tools to match the success story that we have seen in London.”

If the proposals go ahead, London will have to find savings of £360 million in the first year, the equivalent of 12,857 qualified teachers across the capital.

You can take action to oppose the cuts to your school’s funding by supporting the Southwark Parents Against Cuts to Education campaign here and signing a petition against the cuts here.


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