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A new tube station at the Bricklayers Arms

13 November 2017
Cllr Helen Dennis Bricklayers Arms

This weekend, Labour Councillors and candidates were out in force that the rally to support a new tube station at the Bricklayers Arms.


This new tube station is being considered as a part of the planned Bakerloo line extension down to Lewisham, via the Old Kent Road and New Cross Gate. We are working with TfL to deliver not just two new stations on the Old Kent Road, but also a third station at the Bricklayers Arms.


One of the reasons why a station is here is so important is the hundreds of new homes and businesses which are going to be created along the Old Kent Road. These new homes are desperately needed, and the work that is planned on the Old Kent Road will also help boost the local economy – but we need the infrastructure to support these new homes and businesses.  The Bricklayers Arms is an ideal location, because it’s a natural intersection, and there are businesses nearby which would be able to grow and flourish from the additional footfall that a new station would provide.  A new station here would also help to take pressure off Elephant and Castle tube station, which is already busy and will become busier as the new housing around the Elephant continues to be delivered. The Bricklayers Arms is also a sensible distance from the Elephant and Castle, whereas other suggestions TfL have put forward would make the distance between Elephant and Castle and the next nearest station unusually long.


We are particularly keen to avoid the scenario where TfL decide not to build a station at the Bricklayers Arms, but instead just build a shaft. This would result in significant disruption for residents, and deliver no benefits to them. TfL need to plan ahead, and look at the demand for a new tube station at the Bricklayers Arms, not just now, but in 5 years time, and 10 years time. This rally showed that there is already significant local support for a train station now, and this support is cross party: in March this year, at a Council Assembly meeting of all councillors from different parties, we passed a motion in support of a new station at the Bricklayers Arms. 


A new station at the Bricklayers Arms would encourage current and future residents of the area to use public transport rather than drive. This would not only reduce the congestion on our roads, but also improve local air quality as there would be fewer emissions. London’s poor air quality contributes to thousands of premature deaths each year, and we should take every opportunity to tackle this problem.


Labour Councillors and candidates will continue to work with TfL and local residents to deliver a new tube station at the Bricklayers Arms. We have already asked TfL to do more feasibility work on their current proposals, and we will keep speaking to residents to make sure that the final proposal is something that minimises disruption and brings benefits to the whole community.


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