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Rotherhithe Labour Councillors ‘incredibly disappointed’ in TfL decision to scrap river crossing

24 July 2020
Just a year after TfL downgraded the Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf bridge to a ferry, they have ‘paused’ work on the ferry too, meaning Rotherhithe residents will be left without the river crossing they need. With 90% of local residents supporting a river crossing, it’s clear that there is significant demand for this route.

Rotherhithe Ward Cllrs Bill Williams, Kath Whittam and Stephanie Cryan said:
“We’re incredibly disappointed with TfL’s decision to halt work on a Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf ferry. We fought hard against TfL’s decision to downgrade the proposed bridge to a ferry, and we will fight even harder against the river crossing being scrapped entirely.

The combination of loss of fares from COVID-19 and years of underfunding from this Tory Government have hit TfL’s finances hard, but Rotherhithe residents shouldn’t be punished for this by cancelling work on a much needed river crossing.

Air pollution is already a serious issue in the area, and we fear this decision will only make the problem worse, as residents will be forced to use the Rotherhithe tunnel instead of a more environmentally friendly bridge or ferry.

We call on TfL to rethink this decision.”


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